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Amazon ImageTo find out more about the Furby boom and its features read our complete review at Furby Boom 2013.

Here we will tell you more about the Furby Boom and how you can have real fun with the Furby app.

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Furby App

With the launch of the Furby Boom the furby population is growing uncontrollably. Get into the world of with the free furby app and see the hatching of a new generation. You can use a smart device to hatch the Furby Furblings from Furby boom. Other things the Furby boom can do is learn its new name, respond to your actions with 2 times as many phrases compared to the old furby. You get the experience of both the real world experience and the virtual platform. You can keep coming back to hatch more and more furblings to claim your prized golden egg. Also you do not miss any of the actions the old furby was capable of like changing personalities, dancing along to music, speaking furbish and having wonderful time interacting with you.

Furby App Features



Select from over 100 various meals items for your FURBY to consume! Get to know your Furby much better by identifying what food products it approves and disapproval.


Customize an unique dish for your Furby with over 60 different active ingredients for making a sandwhich.


Did Furby simply state what I think it stated? Equate Furby’s Furbish in real time making use of the translator. When it speaks, hold your application device extremely close to Furby’s mouth. When the speech bubbles show up, just get either the Furbish or English expression to hear it claim out loud.


Full Furbish to English Dictionary. When Furby is not around, now you can exercise Furbish also. This on-the-go dictionary comes full with vocabulary and audible Furbish to know ideal accent.

**Hint: Useful for communicating secret notes to friends.

Works with iPhone, iPad Touch, and iPad

Remember to update your app regularly as new functions will be added regularly.

To get latest updates ensure that your iPhone, iPod touch or ipad is running iOD 4.3 or later versions.

Download your free Furby Boom apps here.

Here are some reviews of the new Furby Boom

“…A Solo Furby (Boom) works just fine as a standalone toy, and the app has stand alone games, too.. but when they are put together, that is when things get interesting…”
- Children’s Technology Review

“Forget the Royal baby, the best-selling toy of last Christmas – The Furby – is being relaunched with an app that allows it to have children”
- The Telegraph UK

“Instead of Furby (Boom) Getting its own app, it’s almost like the game’s getting its own companion Furby.”

“Furby got a full-on reboot…. The New Furby Boom app Ups the Ante.”

Please note – for optimal performance make sure your device’s

  • Microphone is facing Furby Boom
  • Volume is turned all the way up
  • Other apps are not running in background

App is not compatible with prior furby generations.

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